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Fed and Earnings Cheer Market but Inflation news signals caution 07/21/2006 Details
Bad Mix for Stocks: Rising Commodity Prices and Slowing Economy 07/14/2006 Details
Payroll Soft but wages - and particularly Commodities, still a concern 07/07/2006 Details
Equity Markets more prepared for hawkish FOMC action 06/23/2006 Details
Core Inflation Raises Rate Forecasts as Commodities take it on the Chin 06/15/2006 Details
Weak payroll lowers probability of rate hike, but commodity prices remain high 06/02/2006 Details
Keep Eye on Commodities; End of a chapter for Enron 05/26/2006 Details
Equities Need Fed Guidance; will rise if commodity prices stay down 05/19/2006 Details
Short-term Trends unfavorable in Equity and Bond Markets 05/13/2006 Details
Stocks contend with rising commodity prices and bond yields, disappointing Fed and a falling dollar 05/12/2006 Details

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