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Payroll and PCE data very favorable; Watch Real Yields 06/01/2007 Details
Hong Kong Strong, US Markets Mark Time waiting for Next Week’s Data 05/25/2007 Details
Claims Show US Economic Strength; Oil and Gasoline are the Only Negatives 05/18/2007 Details
Fed comfortably on Hold, only Gasoline can Spoil the Party 05/10/2007 Details
Bullish Equity Trend Continues with Fed on Hold 05/04/2007 Details
GDP Weak, but should not dent Rally; Eyes on Inflation 04/27/2007 Details
US Economy world slow poke; A “low” versus “falling” dollar 04/19/2007 Details
Although Fed shows inflation concern, Rate Hike not in the Cards 04/13/2007 Details
Strong Jobs and Recovery in World Markets Bullish for Stocks 04/06/2007 Details
UK Hostages and Threat of China Trade War Mask Stronger Economy. 03/30/2007 Details

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