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Employment Report Mixed, but Economic Trends Still Friendly 10/06/2006 Details
Fear of Downturn Fades; Dow high not to be ignored 09/29/2006 Details
Fed Shift from Inflation to Downturn, but Stocks Should Overcome 09/22/2006 Details
Best News for Equities: Falling Commodities and Stable Economy 09/14/2006 Details
Calgary Boom as Commodities Pop: How far down? 09/08/2006 Details
Employment Report Good News for Stocks; Commodities Have Turned 09/01/2006 Details
Equities (Over) Discounted for economic slowdown or oil spike 08/25/2006 Details
Encouraging Market Reaction Terrorist Plot; Fed is likely done 08/11/2006 Details
Weak Economy Says Fed will Hold, Good for Stocks Amid MidEast Conflict 08/04/2006 Details
Slow Growth guarantees End of Tightening Near; Mideast Discounts Equities 07/28/2006 Details

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