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Payrolls Soft but good for market; Earnings Sparkle 08/03/2007 Details
Overreaction to Subprime Crisis, Stocks Don’t Depend on Buyouts 07/27/2007 Details
Bernanke soothes by being “as expected,” Oil still worrisome 07/20/2007 Details
Stock Surge caused by Defensive Unwind; could have Legs. 07/13/2007 Details
Economy continues strong growth; Earnings could trump Oil and rates next week 07/06/2007 Details
Fed Statement: No Change; Worst Case for Housing Does not Spell Recession 06/28/2007 Details
Fed Will Stand Pat, Core inflation May drop below 2% as energy Prices Creep higher. 06/22/2007 Details
Moderate Inflation, Good Growth Prospects to Support Equities 06/15/2007 Details
Rise in Bond Yields caused by Growth Not Inflation, Stocks to Suffer Least 06/08/2007 Details
Payroll and PCE data very favorable; Watch Real Yields 06/01/2007 Details

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