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Valuation and Sentiment Indicators (file #2) 05/14/2008 Details
Rising Energy Prices will Put Bull on Hold 05/09/2008 Details
Very Good Labor Report caps Good Week; Stocks break Barrier 05/02/2008 Details
The Plunging Dollar, Should We Worry? 05/01/2008 Details
Fed does not come down hard on inflation but hints cuts are over 04/30/2008 Details
Equity Market preparing for a Rally 04/24/2008 Details
Surging Oil only Negative in a Relieved Equity Market 04/19/2008 Details
New Negatives test “Worst is over” Hypothesis 04/11/2008 Details
Jobs Data are very weak, but Markets have discounted recession 04/04/2008 Details
Did the Fed “Bailout” Bear Stearns? 04/01/2008 Details

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