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Data Still Good; The meaning of the Wobble in Asia 12/22/2006 Details
All things good for Equities 12/15/2006 Details
Employment on Target; Falling Dollar Poses Short-term Threat to Equities 12/08/2006 Details
Very Weak Economic News Send Yields Lower, Limits Fall in Stocks 12/01/2006 Details
Dollar Fall Rattles Stocks but Volatility at 13-year Low 11/24/2006 Details
Inflation Good enough to maintain bull move 11/17/2006 Details
Strong Earnings, Low Interest Rates trump Dems Victory 11/12/2006 Details
Productivity Data Contradictory, Stocks largely Discount Election 11/02/2006 Details
GDP and FOMC Good News for Stocks, if GOP holds Senate even Better 10/27/2006 Details
Inflation Reports Good Enough; Carbon Copy for Fed Meeting 10/20/2006 Details

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