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Bond rally Better for Equities than Softness Hurts – for Now 02/16/2007 Details
Time for a Correction? Watch Bernanke’s Inflation Forecast 02/09/2007 Details
Very Good News for Equities (and Bonds) from Government and the Fed 02/01/2007 Details
Interfering with the Fed: A Dangerous Precedent 01/31/2007 Details
Weekly Commentary 01/27/2007 Details
Interest Rates vs Earnings; Watch the 10-year Bond 01/19/2007 Details
Better Trade Balance Offsets Housing, Economy remains strong 01/12/2007 Details
Payroll stronger than expected; Energy Drop is Big Picture 01/05/2007 Details
Unexpected economic momentum; yields surge 12/29/2006 Details
Data Still Good; The meaning of the Wobble in Asia 12/22/2006 Details

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