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Did the Fed Cut Too Soon? 01/23/2008 Details
Stocks near (but not at) low as rates continue downward 01/18/2008 Details
Stocks near, but not at low as interest rates fall further 01/11/2008 Details
Disappointing and Ominous beginning for stocks; Meaning of Iowa 01/04/2008 Details
Today's WSJ Op-ED 12/28/2007 Details
Weakness in economy but libor is falling 12/28/2007 Details
Economy holding in, prepare for New Year’s bounce 12/21/2007 Details
Given PPI and CPI, the Fed did the right thing 12/14/2007 Details
Today:” 25 bps, risks to slow growth, no discount cut, stocks sell-off 12/11/2007 Details
Labor Market Slow, but not collapsing; Fed will move 25 bps 12/07/2007 Details

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