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Today’s Jobs Report Not as bad as First Glance 02/07/2014 Details
Is the Bull Market Over? 02/06/2014 Details
Earnings, despite some Disappointments, are not Bad; All eyes to Payrolls Next Friday 01/31/2014 Details
This is not a Replay of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis 01/24/2014 Details
What is the Right P-E for this Market? 01/17/2014 Details
Jobs Report Raises Red Flags as Economy Strengthens 01/10/2014 Details
The Demise of Predictable Patterns; Still Bullish for 2014 01/03/2014 Details
As Clouds Part, Bull Market Will Continue 12/26/2013 Details
Taper Light Comes with Soaring Stock Prices and Accelerating Economy 12/20/2013 Details
Good Data and Budget Deal increase Taper Chances; Fischer at the Fed 12/13/2013 Details

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