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Valuation and Sentiment Indicators 10/31/2015 Details
Valuation and Sentiment Indicators (file #2) 10/31/2015 Details
pdf of yesterday's weekly commentary 10/31/2015 Details
Tech Stocks Soar on After-Hours Earnings: Debt Limit Near 10/22/2015 Details
Enough of the Fed! Slow Growth and Low Inflation Keeps Rates Low 10/16/2015 Details
Earnings Should Bounce in 2016; More Thoughts on the Productivity Collapse 10/10/2015 Details
Shockingly Weak Labor Report; “Risk Off” Trades will Dominate 10/02/2015 Details
Yellen Ready to Hike; GDP Up but Productivity Still Lags 09/25/2015 Details
“No Hike” Fed Increases Growth Fears and Causes More Uncertainty 09/18/2015 Details
Fed Call: Hike With Dovish Language, Dot Plot Lower 09/11/2015 Details

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