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Member Benefits

Weekly Market Newsletter
Professor Siegel weighs in on the market moving events and economic releases that impact your portfolio every week. His newsletter will be delivered to your inbox every week and will ensure you never miss his views on the latest market developments.

Updated Investment Strategies
In The Future for Investors Professor Siegel discusses high dividend-yield based investment strategies such as the Dow 10, the S&P 10, Dow Core 10, S&P Core 10,and the high yield quintile from the S&P 500. At the end of each month, he we will send you updated lists of which stocks qualify for these strategies.

Fair Market Value Tool
Professor Siegel’s fair market value analysis serves as a barometer for the market’s valuation by comparing yields on government bonds to the valuation and earnings yields of the stock market. This tool can help you identify when the stock market possesses attractive opportunities. This is emailed to all Premium, Yearly and Monthly members each month.

Sentiment Indicators
Using information gathered from Investors’ Intelligence Inc, Professor Siegel has devised a ratio comparing the number of bullish to bearish market reports, resulting in an accurate measure of investor sentiment. These charts will guide you toward higher returns by providing the current level of investor sentiment, indicating opportune investment moments.

Free Copy of The Future for Investors
Professor Siegel sends each new Yearly and Premium member a copy of his new book, The Future for Investors. In addition, Premium members will receive a free signed book of your choice.

Flash Bulletins of Market Moving Events
When something big happens in the market, Professor Siegel will email a flash bulletin of his opinion on what’s happening in the markets, and how you should position your portfolio because of it. This benefit is only available to Yearly members and Premium members.

Proprietary Research
Premium members receive free and unlimited access to Jeremy Siegel’s comprehensive financial market data since 1802.Study the data series behind Stocks for the Long Run including calculated returns, yields, and change in various indices or conduct your own analysis. Newly available research from The Future for Investors is also available. Yearly members get discounts to these series.

Presentations and Slides
Premium members receive free and unlimited access to investment materials and PowerPoint slides designed to deliver the message of The Future For Investors and Stocks for the Long Run. Yearly members get discounts to these series. Find slide decks from past seminars, individual slides, pre-packaged presentations, all available for you and your clients.

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