Jeremy Siegel at YAHOO!
Financial Data & Products
“No one has studied stock-market history more closely than Jeremy Siegel” (Business Week, July, 2001.)

Now gain access to his research as a member. Premium members receive free and unlimited access to all of the products. Yearly members get substantial discounts on all products.

At Jeremy you gain access to:

  • Charts:
    The charts and tables found in Jeremy Siegel’s critically acclaimed, best selling business book Stocks for the Long Run and Future for Investors.
  • Presentations:
    Individual slides and pre-packaged presentations from Professor Siegel’s world-renowned lectures and seminars given across the globe are available for you and your clients
  • Historical Data:
    Excel downloads with Professor Siegel’s Raw Data.
  • Market Valuation (Sentiment Indicators & Fair Market Value Indicators):
    These charts will guide you towards higher returns by providing the current level of investor sentiment (sentiment indicators) and serving as barometer for the market’s valuation (market valuations). Both Yearly and Premium members will be emailed these indicators monthly.